Please play the game first before looking at these!


wow this game took sooo fucking long to make omg. but its finally finished. yea this was the reason i didnt update for a week lol i was busy working on this...(this games consists of 59 html pages btw..haha..ha..ha) hope you kind of enjoy it. or not. i tested it in chrome and safari but i cant guarantee it working everywhere sadly.
Anyways here are some extra sketches and stuff.

unused backgrounds:

ah i never mentioned it in game but her name is Rennah. Its hard to tell what her motivations are but she has an oddly soothing voice.

if the autoplay music doesnt work at all for you:


letsgooo (getting dressed):

chas hallways:




game over:


another note, i think i may have messed up some of the linking (sometimes when you start as the gum clown route you still end up with the normal ending?). sry about that but i cant really fix it because looking for that one incorrect link would take forever. but it is definitely possible to get all the endings! thats why i suggest playing multiple times.